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I'm always looking ahead with Quicken.  I'd love to have the estimated next credit card payment automatically entered in the checking account for the due date following my next payment.  The amount would be calculated from the credit card account balance as it changes from transaction entries or downloads.  The impact of spending would be more visible in the Checking account.  I'm always looking a minimum of 30 days ahead and in some cases with fixed payments such as property taxes, make entries for all 4 quarters of each year.  How great would it be to see the impact of my credit card spending in my checking account a month out.
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    This feature already exists.

    For a credit card payment reminder, one of the estimation choices is credit card account balance. With this estimation option, the credit card payment reminder amount gets updated as the credit card account balance changes.

    Combine this with the feature to Show Reminders in the account register and you have your credit card payment forecasting feature.

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