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Some of my thoughts on extending budget functionality.  If you like please vote.  If you don't, please improve upon the idea ! The intent here is to connect existing features in quicken in a more efficient way.   

Currently, the budget history/transaction pop-up only provides transaction detail for the current month.   This enhancement proposal would extend the ability to see transaction detail for any month in the history bar graph.  See image 1.

Then, it would allow to further "click and discover" transaction detail in the register view.  See image 2.

Image 1:

Image 2:


When I do my end of month spending review/analysis in the budget graph view or updating current budget based upon my "latest estimate, or preparing for a new budget year,  I often click into the category bar graph to:   1. Inspect the 12 month bar graph trend of spending vs. average spending and 2.  drill down into the current month transactions.

When I look at the 12 month bar graph, in a particular budget category, and I often see prior month spending spiking well above average. I would like to click on the "offending" bar and view the transactions that make up that month's spending.   This will help me understand (or remind me) if the spending for that month is extraordinary (planned or unplanned), regular (planned), or if I have miscategorized the transaction (in which case I would like to correct). Image 1.

The current presentation of graph and transaction pop-up view is fine, but want to extend the current month transaction view summary to any month and to quickly toggle back to the bar graph view.

Then, I would like to continue the "progressive discovery" by drilling down into the questionable transaction for further detail.  Perhaps this can spawn the register view, showing full detail and allowing for changes. After finishing reviewing the register detail, ensure that I am able to get back to my starting point easily - that is, avoid too much clutter and confusion that can occur with pop-ups!  Image 2

Tell me your thoughts!

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  • mshiggins
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    Nicely articulated, helpful screen captures, and line breaks to make it readable. Two thumbs up, thanks for posting!
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  • german_romero
    german_romero Member
    Love this idea, it will be very helpful.
  • YingDave
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    Yes I find the simple concept of budget bar graphs confusing they way they work at the moment!
  • UKR
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    Unless you are using the Starter Edition where this feature doesn't exist ...
    As an alternative to the Graph View in Budgets, there is the Annual View. (See above image 1, top left corner to switch views)
    This shows you the entire year, as a spreadsheet. The Transactions and History popup views are available for each month of the year.