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Can I upgrade from quicken cash manager 2017 to home and business 2017, and keep all my data? If so,

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Quicken 2017 upgrade


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    edited September 2018
    According to my records:

    Quicken Canada Cash Manager upgrade to Home &

    In Quicken Cash
    Manager click Help / Upgrade Quicken and follow instructions.

    You do not have to go out and buy new software and/or file for a refund. Just
    pay the upgrade price (the difference in price between feature levels) as you
    go through the procedure.

    If that process fails during purchase, contact Quicken Support.

    Quicken Support link:

    To contact Quicken
    Support, please use this link only:  http://www.quicken.com/contact-support

    Scroll down to select the 24x7 Live Chat option or use the phone number
    provided on the webpage to call Support during posted business hours.

    Other links or phone numbers found elsewhere on the Internet may not be from
    Quicken or may not be up-to-date. Use those at your own risk.


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    Thanks for the reply. However, I did contact Quicken support and I was advised to get a refund for my CashManager version and buy the Home&Business version, and that's what I did.
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