The P.O. Number field on the invoices is too small (1 Merged Vote)

When I am creating an invoice, I put the P.O. Number from my client in the P.O. Number field; however it only allows for 12 characters....

Is there a way to increase the number of characters allowed?
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    I have the same problem.

    There a memo entry that you can add to the invoice. It allows more characters. I use that for long PO numbers.
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    Agree, this field is too small. A lot of Government based PO numbers will not fit within the field. Please increase to at least 18 digits.
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  • I can adjust the Purchase Order# box on the invoice template, but it limits the number of characters I can type in to (12) - Is there any way to increase this to something closer to (32) Characters?
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    I came to this page to vote. It showed 3 votes. I clicked on the triangle and it went to 0 votes. I clicked again and it went to 1 vote, which is what I see now. Strange.
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    I came to this page to vote. It showed 3 votes. I clicked on the triangle and it went to 0 votes. I clicked again and it went to 1 vote, which is what I see now. Strange.

    • You can only vote once. If you have already voted and you click the triangle again, your vote is removed and the vote count is reduced by one. This works like a toggle switch: vote on, off, on again, off again ...
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    That's the way it should work. If the vote count resets from 3 to zero ... that sounds to me like a bug.