My Quicken 2017 sucks! It crashes every 3 - 5 keystrokes! HELP! I want my 2016 back!

Quicken Deluxe 2017 R6 ver.
My Quicken 2017 sucks! It crashes every 3 - 5 keystrokes! HELP! I want my 2016 back!
Windows - I have reinstalled from download of my account twice. I have updated to the latest version twice. Nothing in any help sites that I can find. What do I do. I do not want to lose this program but I might have to switch to Money or some other program. I can not use this program as it is.


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    Microsoft stopped making MS Money in 2009.

    Have you tried validating your data?

    File | File Operations | Validate & Repair: Validate
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    1) Uninstall / QCLEANUI / Reinstall (Q2017)

    I recommend you
    uninstall Quicken using this procedure and following it exactly:

    When done, reboot your computer and then reinstall Quicken from your CD (or
    saved downloaded installation file) and allow it to update to the latest
    available patch release level. Your Antivirus software needs to be temporarily
    disabled for the entire duration of the installation and update process. See
    here for more details:

    2) Validate

    You need to validate
    your Quicken data file. It may have become damaged over time or as a result of the many crashes you had while running Quicken.

    Please run this procedure, skipping no steps:

    - Make a copy of your data file: Click File / File Operations / Copy.  Do not change any Copy Option settings. Save
    file under a new name in same folder as current Quicken data file.  (The Copy process appears to be performing a
    record-by-record copy of the data file and not just a simple binary image copy.
    This has been reported as recovering some otherwise not repairable

    - Open the copied file in Quicken.

    - Click File / File Operations / Validate and Repair. Click Validate File,
    check to make sure the copied file is being validated, click OK. Let it run.

    - Fix any errors logged as not repaired by Quicken.

    - Now close and restart Quicken using this new file and try your failing action
    again. If it works, keep using the new file and abandon the old one.

    - If that doesn't resolve the issue, you may have no recourse but to restore
    your Quicken data file from a Manual or Automatic Backup taken prior to the
    problem first occurring, if necessary going back to older backups until you
    find a file that does not exhibit these symptoms.

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    You are in luck.  For the first time in recent recorded history, the data file format did not change between 2016 and 2017.

    You can reinstall QW2016 and open your 2017 data file and not lose any work you manged to do using QW2017.

    See this article for the return policy (click here).
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    Agree, the QCLEANUI solves MANY problems as long as you include the removal of old folders also
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