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Converting 2006 to latest version

I have Quicken 2006 Premier Home & Business and want to update to latest version. In order to do this it says if you are converting from a 2012 or older, it will be necessary to use an intermediate version (and sometimes two) in order to safely convert your data file. You will have to download Quicken 2013 for windows and use it to open and convert your 2004 – 2009 file. Then, open the Quicken 2013 file in the latest version of Quicken to complete the conversion. It has a note: if you convert from any Quicken Windows version older that Quicken 2010, you may experience some data file issues. A couple of question: 1. Is there a charge for Quicken 2013 or is this just to complete the transfer from the older version to the latest version? 2. It mentions that you may experience some data file issues, is this something that could be major or maybe just an inconvenience. Will just keep the older version rather than lose my current files. Any help would be appreciated. PLS


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