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Convert Quicken Mac 2017 to Quicken PC 2015

I am switching back from iMac to Windows 10 machine. Will I be able to convert a Quicken 2017 for Mac file into a Quicken 2015 for PC file? Or do I need to buy a Quicken for PC 2017 version? Is it cheaper to install Quicken for Windows 2015 and then upgrade to 2017 or is the price the same whether you purchase Quicken 2017 Premier new rather than upgrading from a 2015 Premier version?


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    edited October 2018
    Well you have "hard road" in front of you (depending on how complicated your data file is), since the "official" way (QXF file) to convert from Quicken Mac to Quicken Windows has been broken for many years.  Here is probably your best bet at doing it:

    main idea here is that you are going to be producing a report of your
    transactions on the Mac side, and saving to a CSV file, which will
    converted to QIF and imported on the Windows side by ImportQEM.

    make sure that you setup the columns in Quicken Mac to look like the
    example, so that you get all the right columns in the report.

    You don't need to upgrade to Quicken 2017 Windows to try either this method or the official (broken) method.

    There is no special pricing for upgrading from an older version of Quicken.
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