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QWin 2017 Deluxe: Migrating Quicken 2002 to 2017

UnknownUnknown Member
I decided it was finally time to upgrade to Quicken 2017 Deluxe, from Quicken 2002 Deluxe.

The path that I had to take was to convert my data was to install Quicken 2004, update my data, then reopen in 2017, and the data is there.

HOWEVER, it appears that EVERY transaction appears in Quicken 2017 as an overdue bill reminder.  Deleting (skipping) all of them will be most time consuming, considering that when the import was working, there appeared to be close to 100k records.

So, I reopened the data with Quicken 2004, and there isn't any bill reminders at all.

Also, the amounts for the reminders are impossibly huge ... I'm talking 60 quadrillion+ dollars each.

Besides taking the very long time of deleting each one (or series) by hand, is there any other way to clean up this corrupted data?


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