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I want to see what I actually have available, not what the bank says I have available. Please add the option to show ending balance instead of online balance on the mobile app. This will make it far more useful to those of us trying not to over draft. I don't care if my transactions have not cleared the bank yet, I want to see them reflected in the available balance so I do not over draft. Please add this extremely vital and useful feature at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, A Loyal Customer
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled QMac: There should be the ability to choose whether online ballance or ending bal....

    There should be the ability to choose whether online balance or ending balance is shown for all accounts.Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: List of Requests for Quicken Mobile Features.
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    Elizabeth I haven't used the app, I'm wondering if you are satisfied with it? Other that the balance. I've had a multiple problems with Mac Quicken and am try to decide if I should return to Windows.

    Thanks Candy
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    I just set up Quicken Mobile, so I can't really give a good review of it yet. I will say that so far I have been frustrated. I can't see the ending balance (only available to view on those accounts not set up to sync with the bank). Available credit was not working correctly either for several accounts, and it turned out I had some transactions from over a year ago that I did not reconcile. Reconciling those transactions corrected the available balance problem, except for one account. I can't figure out what is going on with that one, other than is it set up to sync and has not been syncing properly from the app. It is correct on my desktop, but not the mobile app.

    I do not know why my post was moved to QMac, since it was about the mobile app and I posted on a suggestion page for the mobile app. I actually have Linux and I use a virtual box to run windows, just so I can use Quicken (I have been using it since 2011 and like it for the most part). I do not use the virtual machine for anything else. If you like your Mac, I would suggest try installing a virtual machine with Windows on it so you can use Windows products when you want. It works great for me and since I don't really like Windows, I don't have to put up with it for the sake of one program I really like. Hope this was somewhat helpful to you.
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    Q for Mac is awful. You are the 2nd to recommend a Windows cross over. Seems crazy to buy a window computer for one application as you say. I hate 10 too, seems that advances are not so friendly. I believe that when Intuit sold Quicken we all went down the river as well.

    Have you looked at Parallel? I'm not sure what the best/easiest software is. Thank you for your response it helps

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    I have not looked at Parallel. I just checked it out now and it seems like an easy solution if you are not very computer savvy. If it comes with a registered version of Windows, the price is very reasonable too. I use the free to download Oracle VM VirtualBox. You can find it here: . It takes a little set up and you still have to buy a copy of Windows to run on it, but the software is free and updated regularly. I wouldn't recommend it though if you are not comfortable playing with computer settings yourself, but you can always download it and if it is too complicated, just delete it and buy a prepackaged set up like Parallel.
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Mobile app should have a setting to toggle real balance vs adjusted balance.

    My mobile app "overview" screen under "cash" show 3917.00 ( Correct Balance without Savings goal or written uncleared Checks )

    If I tap "Accounts" on the "Overview: screen I see the "Accounts" screen on this screen it shows "All Accounts" balance 3916.78 (Correct )

    It also shows the "savings" balance 2183.04 and "Checking" Balance 1733.74( Correct Balance without Savings goal or written uncleared Checks )

    If you tap "Savings" shows ending balance 1355.82 ( Correct Balance minus Savings Goal )

    If you tap "Checking" shows ending balance is 1432.61 ( Correct Balance minus uncleared Checks )

    How do I get the "Accounts" Screen Savings Line Balance of 1355.82  ( Correct Balance - Savings Goal ) and Checking Line Balance of 1432.61 ( Correct Balance With uncleared Checks )

    And Like Wise the "OverView" to show balance of 2788.43 ( Correct Balance with Savings goal and written uncleard Checks ) rather than 3917.00

    It would be a good convenience if you had a setting option to show adjusted balance or Bank Balance.
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    This was implemented in the new Quicken Mobile app v5.0.47, released Aug 3, 2018.

    You can switch to the other balance types in the accounts view.

    See Release Notes.

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