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QWin: pass that information on to a new treasurer?

If I have four different checking accounts on my quicken software and I back up to a thumb drive is there a way to only back up one account so that I can pass that information on to a new treasurer? I was hoping I could do the back up, open quicken from the thumb drive and delete the 3 accounts that I did not wish to share, save the one file and pass it on.


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    Your solution will work.
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    Thank you.
  • UnknownUnknown Member
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    Alternatively, and more reliably than opening a Quicken file from your thumb drive...

    File > File Operations > Copy.

    Open that Quicken copy file.  Delete the three accounts. Backup the file to the thumb drive.

    Another way to do this:

    Export a .qif file for the one account you want to transfer.

    Then, FILE > NEW QUICKEN FILE.  Name it something unique.  Then FILE > IMPORT QIF file to the new file.  Then backup THAT file to the thumb drive. 

    Different ways to do the same thing.  
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    Hi @ Barbara ,

    Make a Backup of your current Quicken Data File. 
    Then delete your own Accounts from the Quicken Data File.
    Next go to Edit then Preferences. Click on Intuit  ID, Mobile & Alerts.
    Click Sign in as a different user.

    Create a New Intuit Account, that does not have your personal information.

    Once done and confirmed, make a Backup of that Quicken Data File.

    Once Backed up to a different Thumb drive, Restore your Quicken Data File that you previously created from your other Thumb Drive.

    You forgot about your information included with the Backed up Data File.
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    Why does the new person only need 1 account? Do you have it in the same file as your personal accounts? It probably should be in its own separate data file.
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