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Track Bitcoin (BTC) and other Cryptocurrency accounts in Quicken (45 Legacy Votes +3 Merged)



  • FliprFlipr Unconfirmed, Member
    Interesting reading some of the posts from 2017. I've been using Quicken windows since first release, and always enter my transactions. With IRS pushing for complete transparency, and reporting now, this 'feature' for crypto support is a no brainer. Crypto is now mainstream, with many services offering credit cards valued in bitcoin. Paypal will let you buy BTC, and spend direct from account, yet Quicken just ignores the presence, with unknown ETA support.

    Right now buying in exchanges is a PITA. Want to buy ripple in an account/exchange? Enter a sell order for BTC, at whatever current market is, then enter your buy order. Exchanges detail everything in the crypto used for the exchange, but Quicken requires 2 entries. Use same 'dollar amount' in both transactions, but you need to track the sale price of BTC, and cost basis for your purchase per the IRS.

    If the update service could interact with generic online crypto reporting services (I used blockfolio, others have been mentioned) it would be easy to import pricing.

    8-9 decimal places in 'share' balances, and pricing would be great. I have had to enter wallets as unlinked brokerage accounts, manually entered 'coins' as a OTHER class of stock, then manually update every so often. Just spent 45 minutes updating values since BTC is over $20k today.

    As someone else mentioned, if Quicken doesn't fill the void, someone else will. I would think Quicken would want to service those few million users. Maybe not.
  • clayclay Member
    Recommendation for Cryptocurrency investments:

    Allow 8 decimal places for number of shares. Cryptocurrency shares goes out to 8 decimal points.

    Allow Quicken to download historical cryptocurrency prices.

    Add Coinbase Wallet to Financial institution list to download transactions from your Coinbase Wallet account into Quicken. https://wallet.coinbase.com
  • clayclay Member
    Yes I also want Quicken to track cryptocurrency such as adding the following features:

    1) Add Coinbase Wallet (https://wallet.coinbase.com) to the list of financial Institutions so we can track and download our cryptocurrency assets.

    2) Allow 8 decimal places for number of shares. Cryptocurrency shares goes out to 8 decimal points.

    3) Allow Quicken to download historical cryptocurrency prices.

    Quicken please add these features.
  • Bill BurgeBill Burge Member ✭✭
    Can Quicken at least include Bitcoin in asset price updates?
  • skioutwestskioutwest Member ✭✭
    I does....just setup a security with symbol NYXBT.
  • FliprFlipr Unconfirmed, Member
    Do any other crytpo's have download-able ticker symbols?
  • smithgroupsmithgroup Member ✭✭
    Quicken needs to allow more decimal places for shares of securities.
  • beachphoolbeachphool Member
    Cryptos are tracked to 8 decimal places, and Quicken only goes to 6. Those last two make a difference. We need to be able to track investments to 8 decimal places
  • ScottDScottD Member ✭✭
    Put me on the list too...would live to see coinbase connection actually work.
  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Do those requesting this realize that Q would have to expand the quote amount for EVERY investing amount?  For ALL investing portfolios? For every investing calculation?
    This would be a herculean effort, akin to Y2K, where every date field had to be expanded.
    I only wish that there was some way to vote against this idea.
    Q user since DOS version 5
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription,  Home & Business
    Retired "Certified Information Systems Auditor" & Bank Audit VP
  • emhamiltnemhamiltn Member ✭✭
    Please give us greater control over decimal precision in investment registers. Like the OP noted, cryptocurrencies need more than the measly 6 decimals currently allowed. Bitcoin goes to 8 decimals and Ethereum to 18 decimals.

    If Quicken wants to keep pace with technology / FinTech and the cutting edge masses of customers starting to use it, we need more decimal places!
  • Chris_QPWChris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    emhamiltn said:
    Ethereum to 18 decimals.

    You are never going to get 18 decimals.

    The underline variable type they have to be using is a double.  It has a max precision from 15 to 17 digits.  For that to changed almost ever part of the code would be affected, not to mention since it wouldn't be able use a built-in type, the performance of all of Quicken would go down.

    What's more you have understand that the 15 to 17 digits are the "total digits", not the digits after the decimal point.  A double is stored as 1 bit for the sign, 11 for the exponent, and 52 for the "digits".  It is the 52 bits that determine how many digits can be displayed accurately.  This is the standard for all current floating point processors.  Because the conversion between binary and decimal can be "fractional" that is why you can't pin down the exact amount of digits that would be accurate, so 15 would be the conservative number to use to make sure you really have that precision. So even doing this 1.00000000000001 isn't possible.

    And not only would this affect every number in Quicken, it would also affect how they have to be displayed.  In other words columns and text boxes and such that have these numbers in them would have to be increased in size.

    BTW it is an interesting fact that they recently bumped up the number of decimal "after the decimal point" recently by two more digits.  And that in turn caused "rounding errors" for some people's data.  I have a feeling the developers might not be inclined to repeat that with adding even more digits.
    (I'm using the latest Quicken subscription version)
  • genzcopegenzcope Member
    I use gemini and blockfi. will these be integrated with quicken in the near future?
  • WprobusWprobus Member
    Is there a symbol you can use to track historical prices for Ethereum?
  • Mark LintMark Lint Member
    This is just sad that Quicken has not yet fully developed a much better way to track and manage cryptocurrency assets. This idea is over 4 years old and yet we are still waiting - Come on Man!!! Get with the program here Quicken - almost all of the major exchanges now have APIs which could easily be integrated into the quicken platform not on for pricing but also for account access to track assets. You really need to keep up with the times here and lead with solutions for this new asset class!
  • smithgroupsmithgroup Member ✭✭
    QUICKEN ... are you hearing this? Your software needs to allow more decimal places. The rounding causes my crypto currency holdings to be inaccurate. The current rounding is so 1990. Let's go! It's 2021 and you PROMOTE how Quicken will be regularly updated with the new subscription pricing model. Then fix this ASAP. This PROBLEM should have been corrected 10 years ago. It is not new.
  • Glen SGlen S Member
    Bump above
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