Quicken Mac 2017 Checking does not open on newest transaction

Quicken Mac 2017 Checking does not open properly.

Seems to have started with latest Quicken update: Version 4.5.8 (Build 45.17542.100)

Register is sorted by date, newest at bottom.
Closing / re-opening always returns to July 2 2017.

The problem occurs ONLY in the 'checking' register.
- 'savings', 'cash' and 'all banking' all open properly. 

I do not see a preference that controls how Quicken will open. 
- does one exist?



  • RickORickO SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    Are you saying you want the register to open with the most recent date displayed, but it opens to something older?

    Try this... scroll down to the most recent transaction. Double click it to edit, and change something (can be as simple as adding a space to the memo field). Hit Enter to record the change. Then immediately quit Quicken. See if it opens to the most recent date after doing this.
  • outsiderstloutsiderstl Member
    edited July 2017
    I have seen your reply to this question in other versions. The suggestions had no lasting effect, although pressing 'END' makes it less annoying.

    I want the register to open either were I left it, or essentially on 'today's date. The problem is ONLY with the checking register, which opens on the same date (July 2, 2017). The other registers open as expected. 

    It is possible that July 2 is date of last Quicken update, but I cannot be sure.
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