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The ability to have entered "pending" transactions change to cleared transactions would be a very useful feature. Then the total you see when the app opens would be an accurate total.

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Transactions in the mobile app can be marked as cleared.


  • RickO
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    edited July 2017
    Can you explain further? What do you mean by a "pending" transaction? Under what condition(s) they change to cleared?
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  • John_in_NC
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    edited July 2017
    "Pending" as in that is what is displayed at the bank website? Well, most banks don't provide pending transactions for download.

    Now if you mean you manually enter a transaction that is still in pending status (i.g. you go to the grocery store today and enter the transaction today, but it doesn't clear for two days)-those that you enter will get matched to the downloaded transaction (and set the status to cleared)
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