Quicken 2017 unexpectedly quit the last time it was run - notice every time I open my data file

Reed WelchReed Welch Member ✭✭
For the last several weeks I keep getting a pop up window showing this information.

Clicking on either "Show Details" or "OK" when visible does nothing, then after 20-25 seconds the program opens. I assume a report was never sent since it reappears the next time I open the data file and program, and I have no idea what are in the report details.

Besides being a nuisance, it delays program execution, which is already slow without having this hurdle. 
I have not detected any issue within my data file, which is good.

How do I get rid of this annoying pop up?

Details below
QM2017 Version 4.5.8 (Build 45.17542.100)
MBA running MacOS ver 10.12.6, with 8GB of RAM.
Data file is ~270 MB, located on my SSD, and is not being synched with any cloud accounts.
Automatic security pricing update is turned off.

What I have done to try and remove this, with no change in behavior;
Deleted all Quicken historical log files in User specific Applications support library
Performed an SMC, PRAM & NVRAM reset on the MBA.

Another question, why does it take almost 30 seconds to backup my file, and while doing that the popup window appears on top of all open program windows (i.e. it is not contained within the WM2017 program window)?


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