One step update fails after updating Quicken 2017 for Windows to R12

Last night I updated my Quicken H&B 2017 for Windows installations (Windows 10 x64) from R10 to R12 using the Mondo patch - for some reason, the update had not appeared automatically, though I run One Step Update daily. The R12 update process, creating Quicken ID, and signing into Quicken all went flawlessly, on two different PCs on which I have it installed.
This morning, I ran One Step Update and got errors on all 4 of my institutions that use Express Web Connect to connect. The three Direct Connect institutions worked, though one of them required two tries. The error was simply "Quicken is unable to establish an internet connection", error CC-899. There is certainly nothing wrong with my PCs internet connection. I tried restarting and "Restore Advanced Settings" in Internet Options control panel as the Quicken help panel recommended, but this did not make any difference. Tried deactivating onlne update for affected accounts and re-activating - I got "unable to connect to institution" as soon as I entered my info and tried to connect. Same thing on both PCs. I have different antivirus programs running on the two PCs, so its not that.  It is Monday morning, and there should not be 4 institutions unavailable. Advice??
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