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FAQ: How to remove cloud data in Quicken Mac 2017 4.6.x

RickORickO SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
How do you remove all cloud data in Quicken for Mac 2017 version 4.6.x+? Follow these instructions:

1) Click menu Quicken > Preferences, then Mobile & Alerts. Turn the Sync switch ON to reveal the Accounts and Alerts panes. In the Accounts pane, uncheck all accounts (or click the None button):

Note: Accounts that are linked via Quicken Connect cannot be unchecked and therefore will have data present in the Quicken Cloud.

2) In the Alerts pane, uncheck all Alerts in the "Enabled" column:


3) In the Connected Services tab, click the blue Reset button to erase all cloud data. Also uncheck the Clean up payees option:


4) Finally, back in the Mobile & Alerts tab, turn OFF the Sync master switch:


You have now disabled loading of any of your data to the Quicken cloud.
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