QWin 2017 Premier (R15): How do I deactivate Automatic Reconciliation?

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Quicken Dave, I find an equal corresponding confusing matter of reconciling an account. I am using the US Version of Quicken Premier 2017 R15 Build (Windows 10 Home). The Help given in the Program itself for automating and deactivating reconciliation refers to windows and dialog boxes not even in the Program; as far as I can see.
I think the only way that I could deactivate auto reconciliation is to:
1. Choose the account from the Account List.
2. Press/click the "Edit" Button on the Account List Entry.
3. In the Account Details Window, press/click on the Online Services Tab.
4. At he bottom of that Window, uncheck the Box with the Wording "Reconcile using             online balances".
Would this be the correct way to deactivate Automatic Reconciliation for me; if I wanted to do so?

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