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Quicken Mac 2017 dividend handling

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I have had to manually enter my investment transactions as my FI, until recently, did not work with QMac.  I enter the purchase as a buy.  When the fund pays a dividend, I use reinvest dividend as the option.  When I look at the Portfolio Value the total gain/ loss column does not accurately reflect the real returns on the investment.  For example, I have a mutual fund, PAUDX, that I have the dividends reinvested in a Roth IRA.  QMac 2017 shows that I have a $544.25 or -4.03% loss in the fund.  If I went by Quicken's results, I would think this was a bum investment.  If I look at the reports available from the FI, they show that with reinvested dividends included, I had a $1,048.02 gain on my initial investment.  The following link explains how a mutual fund reacts when dividends are made.  I would think this is how QMac should handle the reporting of gains and losses when dividends are concerned.  Not sure if QMac 2018 will handle it differently...



  • Unknown
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    Did you have cash in the account originally when you make your "Buy" transaction?  

    Has the price decreased proportionately when you received the dividends?

    Because I don't see what you're seeing in my Quicken Mac 2017.  
  • Concordman
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    QM should  show the increase in Share quantity as a result of the dividends reinvested , there should not be any impact to the account cash balance. QM as we know doesn't do a good job on ROI/IRR as it relates to dividends, It treats the compounding transaction as an expense.
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    I had to use placeholders when I set up the accounts as some transactions dated back to 2003.  I did not have a record of all the transactions to start from scratch.  I do see the increase in shares and a reduction in the price.  As Concordman said, there is no cash involved in the transaction.  
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