1 user ID per software, really???

users can only use 1 user ID per software on PC so if another users whats to user it they will need to use you credentials talk about confidentiality. 


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    @Rogelio A. Caraballo ...      Data files can be password protected.  
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    @Rogelio A. Caraballo ...      Data files can be password protected.  

    But not if the data is synced to Mobile. All you need is the Quicken ID and PW to sync any data file linked to the same ID.

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    I too find the limitation of only 1 Quicken ID unacceptable because that gives the other user access to your billing info, credit score, and if you enable mobile, all your data!!

    Unfortunately, it looks like WE will need to adapt to the change at this point or buy multiple subscriptions. 

    IF this does not work for you as with me, I would suggest getting Quicken 2017 and using it until it sunsets in 2020 since it still allows multiple IDs and just hope they make a change to the ID policy or make other adjustments later on.
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