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Click on a stock holding and be directed to a web drill-down on that stock (2 Legacy Votes)

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I've been using Quicken for a long time (15 years?) and only for investment tracking.  I like all my accounts and even banking now (thanks for fixing that) all on one home page.  Quicken is a very good portfolio manager for people like me.  I evaluated many over the years and keep coming back to Quicken.

Porfolio graphic would be more useful to investor if you could overlay an index (S&P, DJIA, maybe even some basket of stocks).  You can then compare your performance to that index or metric.

As an investor, I often wish I could remember specific events and how they affected my stock portfolio.  On the same portfolio graphic as mentioned above I would love to be able to put annotations on the graph so I could see where I bought and sold things or when a major news event caused a change in overall value.  It would require a way to manually input small text descriptions by date so that it could be overlayed on the portfolio graph.  You could have checkboxes for your choice of newsfeeds or personal events to be overlayed.  This would come in handy I think.

You removed the feature where I can click on a stock holding and be directed to a web drill-down on that stock.  I miss that even though the site you provided was limited.  I can foresee a way to specify my default site (finance.yahoo.com or even eTrade) and when I click on that stock (or symbol) name, it would open a browser to a stock detail page on that site.

Thanks for continuing to mature the Mac version.  I hope to see more parity with the Windows version over time.  I miss the credit score and portfolio xray features.
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