How about an easily Found Feedback/Improvement Link directly on the Program Help Link?

Put a Link on the Help Tab that goes direct to Feedback, Improvement Suggestions?  Digging through this and then not knowing if it gets to the right people turns me off except for the fully frustrating issues I come across.
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    If you're on an older Quicken version that still has the Help Sidebar ... that's on its way out. It does not appear to exist any longer in Q 2018. 
    Even the To Do Sidebar may be on its last legs.
    Links to Quicken Support, etc. found in the Help Menu in older Quicken versions may also not be up-to-date, due to the migration ("divorce" ;-) of Quicken from Intuit.

    The only currently available method to suggest improvements is by posting here in the Community and marking it as an Idea. Posted Ideas are supposed to be brought to the attention of the programmers.
    Anybody reading and agreeing with a posted idea should click the VOTE button on the webpage. Votes improve the chances that an Idea will turn into some real change in a future version of Quicken.

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    In QW2017, and before, the "Quicken Live Community" pointed to the now defunct Intuit site.
    In QW2018, it properly points to this forum.
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