Q 2018 R2.3 : The 'new' bill screen is TERRIBLE; Please go back to the old one

The old bills screen worked great and did not need changing. 
The new one is confusing.
It no longer automatically updates bills with one-step update. 
When a bill fails to retrieve, there is no clear warning.  They just get lost in limbo. 
There is no good sort or overview. 


I've tried to get used to the new one and I think it is a failure to specify or design a workable solution.  
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  • Ghassan AlfaqihGhassan Alfaqih Member ✭✭
    edited November 2017
    It's pretty, but not functional. The performance has declined substantially. It takes several seconds (10-20) to get to "BILLS & INCOME", then well over 20 seconds (sometimes over a minute) to do anything with the bills. I tried to link to biller, and when it appeared to work, the bill reminder disappeared. I finally had to revert to a backup data file. I ran a file validate and it repaired a couple of minor issues, so the file is in tact. I am seriously considering reverting to 2017 and requesting a refund for 2018 before my 30 days expires. I hope someone is looking at fixing the performance issues.
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