Canadian Windows H&B users should get Premium support [edited] (4 Legacy Votes)

Currently Quicken Canadian Windows Home & Business 2017 is on subscription, and is "costly", they should be getting Premium support just like the US 2018 Premier and above versions are getting.

I don't believe that is the case.

This could be doubly beneficial for Canadian users.  They would get the "front of the line", but they would also get a toll free number (I'm seeing a toll free number on my account).  Being an out of country call for them, that could save them some money if they have to call support.

They are already missing out on the other Premier advantage the US customers have and getting free Quicken Bill Pay.  I doubt that will change for a number of reasons, but at least Premium support will help level field so to speak.
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    Hi QPW,

    I'm happy to confirm that Premium Support is now available for Canadian Home & Business Users with the 2018 release of Quicken Canada.

    Thank you,

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