Using QHB2018. Curious thing happened - downloading bank transaction.

The short version is I tried to download transactions through one-step update but no transactions seem to download (there should have been one) but no error messages were given.  Several hours later I reset my cloud data and after that I noticed a flag next to my Wells Fargo account - the missing downloaded transaction was now waiting to be accepted.


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    My first troubleshooting step would be to run Update Now from the account actions gear at the upper right of the account register.
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    It would be nice to know what changes were made.  I had problems downloading Wells Fargo data for more than a year.  Now it seems like downloads are fairly consistent.  I don't use the One-Step Download (don't want to jinx it) any longer, but rather as mshiggins suggested I use update now through the account's action gear at the upper right of the account register.  Something change however because even that didn't work till recently.  I did add Bill Pay to my Wells Fargo accounts, and while it took a while to get use to it - it seems like the downloads starting working once Bill Pay started working.  I had contacted both Wells Fargo and Quicken support - but still don't know which side made the change.  With the newest version, I now get downloads while I sleep (as long as my computer remains on).  Cool stuff!!

  • Update:  Been using One-Step update for over 6 months now without a problem.

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