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I've started using my laptop MUCH LESS than I used to.
  1. So I for one would welcome being able to use the mobile version for almost all transaction entry 
  2. and using a web service to view reports 
  3. and do other things like reconcile bank statements.
  4. The web service should keep track of and enter scheduled transactions when they're due. Then push them out to this mobile app.
  5. The mobile version needs to be able to let me create SPLIT TRANSACTIONS (without using a clunky workaround).
  6. It also needs to allow me to view my "projected balances" (based on the existing transaction history and the scheduled transactions that are already known, what will my balance be on xx/xx/xx).
  7. I don't really care about being able to DL transactions from my bank. The times I tried it, it just created a huge mess for me.
  8. When I make a purchase from a business, I enter the business name that the general public sees. But I noticed that some businesses don't always put THAT NAME on the transaction. For example, I went to Pizza Hut in Trenton NJ. I used my debit card and entered the transaction at the POS. Then when Q downloaded my banking info, it found a transaction from "Capital City Restaurants" and since I hadn't already entered a transaction with that business, Q assumed it was a NEW TRANSACTION. Now I had the same transaction TWICE but with different names. There were several similar instances and it was a beast to track down everything to fix it.


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