Register Filters Shouldn't Affect Running Balance Totals [edited]

When hiding reconciled transactions, it should be possible to leave the "Balance" column in the register unchanged versus when viewing "All Transactions".  Many wish to only view the transactions in the register that are not reconciled yet as looking over years of data at all times doesn't make any sense.  If you change your view/filter to unreconciled, the Balance column changes to reflect the total based solely on the current view.  So, this changes your balance column to always show a negative running balance (note that the current balance and the ending balance at the bottom are unaffected which is good).  The problem is that the running balance should still reflect properly as it does in "All transactions" view.  This feature is in almost every other piece of financial software I've used.  It's frustrating to have to look through years of data at all times in order to see a proper running balance.  I've spoken to support and they suggest to put it here and agree this cannot be done at the moment.
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  • Leonard McCoyLeonard McCoy Member
    edited December 2017
    I agree and am also requesting that this be fixed. When only the unreconciled transactions are shown then, for display purposes only, the sum of the reconciled transactions should be applied to the balance of each displayed (unreconciled) line.
  • Rebeca JonesRebeca Jones Member
    edited April 2018
    Yes, that would be handy.  I've done a year-end copy to remove years' old data, but I can't get rid of transactions that didn't get reconciled in a corresponding account.  Rather than disrupt the balances of multiple accounts, why can't we just hide the part we don't want to see?  
  • DaleWhiteDaleWhite Member
    edited June 2018
    This has been a recommended change for, literally, YEARS! 
  • Robert ParkerRobert Parker Member ✭✭
    the only way i have found to do this is to transfer all the money in my checking account into my savings account and bring my checking account balance to zero. then reconcile my checking account in quicken. this way when I click "unreconciled transactions" it doesn't mess up my account balance. i usually do this the day before payday so my balance is zero before I get my direct deposit. this isn't the best solution but it works. I don't understand why quicken hasn't fixed this issue as it has been a problem people have complained about for over 10 years. Personally I don't update my software every year because they haven't fixed this. I usually just update my software every 3 or 4 years I'm currently using 2017 so they aren't making as much money off of me as they could if they would fix this obviously stupid issue.
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