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LONG term pet peeve of mine.....since Quicken's existence!!

I really could use a way to create default report formats....column widths, columns displayed, etc. Would be VERY HELPFUL!
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  • mshiggins
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    Sounds good.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    You can do this to some extent by customizing one of the standard reports and saving it. The main limitation is that currently any changes to the column widths is not saved.

    Perhaps this idea should be merged with this one
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  • Phil Burton
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    I have specific spending reports (for tax purposes) for many different categories. Some reports are checking only; others include credit cards and even cash.

    It's very annoying when I print out a report and see that the columns are so wide that the report is 2 pages wide. Pure waste of paper (and time).
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  • TPerk
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    Default Report Formats would be a VERY useful feature that I cannot hardly believe you have not implemented
  • AZ_Bob
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    This isn't just a minor annoyance - it is an ABSOLUTE necessity for a product like this that Quicken has ignored for the decades that I've used the product. Anyone who uses Quicken as an aid in tax planning or budgeting would like a report that shows the columns they want most and not have to customize every time it is run because it is too wide to view or has wasted columns you don't need. This also needs to carry the formatting through to sub-category reports where it would be most useful.
  • Jim_Harman
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    This idea has been partially implemented in that column widths in the main report are now saved when you save a report.

    A remaining problem is that some reports such as Spending by Category show a sub-report when you click on an amount in a report, even one that you have saved, to drill down for transaction detail, you always get default settings including column selections and widths in the detailed sub-report.

    Users would like to be able to specify the column selections and widths for the sub-reports.

    One way to implement this would be to save the sub-report settings along with the main report when you save it, or at least have any customizations the user has made to the sub-report persist while the main report is open be applied when they click on a different number in the main report.
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