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    @tdjgordon Well it sounds like when your Mac Book Air dies you will have to find another way to manage your money.  Quicken Inc isn't going to be doing this just because you wish it to be true.
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    Would anyone else like a full Mac version for the iPad?

    I need to replace my Mac but don't need more than an iPad with keyboard. Currently this means I will have to abandon Quicken or get a new Mac. Meanwhile there is a large base of iPad users without Macs that are potential Quicken users. It should be an easy port given that the OS has the same roots. It seems a no brainer for Quicken. If you agree please respond affirmatively to show Quicken the level of interest in the community.

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    Hello @Michael Steele

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    I have moved your post to the ongoing Idea thread for this Idea. Sure to navigate to the first page and select the arrow the up arrow to add your vote!

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    How do I add my vote to push Quicken developers to update Quicken for Ipad?
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    [EDIT] - updated topic to "Idea voting" - don't know if any other threads have same suggestion....
    It is really hard to expand a software product to other "platforms" -
    as Quicken as a company can barely keep the fragile software running on both Windows and Mac
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    Chris_QPW said:
    P.S. to this date from 12/2017 to 6/2020, 6 people have voted for this.
    Even the most "popular" Product Ideas in the Windows section only get low double-digit votes, so that doesn't mean anything. This community is very small compared to the user-base and is generally dominated by a handful of "superusers" who often kind of crap on anyone with an issue and honestly have created a bit of a hostile environment. It's hardly surprising there's little engagement. 

    One option for iPad users should be Quicken on the Web, but while Quicken on the Web should be a decent product, it's kind of a mess. Incorrect balances, weird behavior of transfers, if you use your brokerage account as a checking account it will show nothing at all (that's also an issue on the app and on Simplifi) it can cause duplicates and corruption (especially on Windows) and seems not to be used by many people so the bugs never get fixed.

    In fact many of the issues this product has are also there on Simplifi and other 'web based' apps that try and keep things so simple, they're just not useable for anyone with more than a checking account and a credit card. 
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