bill pay startup

Two weeks ago, I downloaded Quicken 2018, complete with the free bill pay function. I cancelled my long time $9.95/mo subscription to bill pay and went through the checklist to establish another account. First of all, that's three hours of my life that I'll never get back. Second, it's been two weeks waiting on a 2-3 day action to drop a few micro transactions into my checking account. That's abysmal performance and I've migrated to use of my bank bill pay function so that nothing drops through the cracks. I wonder if I'll ever get the new bill pay account activated?


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    GEORGE, if you got 2018 there may not be a fix right now, but if you contact Quicken Support and pay $50 for a year they can screen share and fix your problem. I did and I have been with Quicken for over 20 years I think and the best thing to do is NEVER BUY THE NEW YEAR WHEN IT COMES OUT BECAUSE IT HAS PROBLEMS. Pay the money and take your hours back that we all need! Hope this helps!
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