iOS Mobile app Passcode and Touch ID behaviour is inconvenient and unconventional (4 Legacy Votes)

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The iOS version of Mobile implements Passcodes and Touch ID in a manner that is very different from other apps, even other banking apps. As soon as you sign out of Quicken, the Passcode and Touch ID are cleared. This forces the user to re-enter their credentials at each new sign-in. In addition, the user must also set up their passcode and enable Touch ID once again.

Apparently this has been a complaint for two years now, yet it’s still not been addressed. The standard answer from Quicken has been that this is a security feature. The Passcode and Touch ID are cleared, along with all the data.

Yet, no one else the world of iOS apps seems to have taken this approach. All the banking apps I use that are Touch ID enabled will sign you into your account, and remember your credentials from one session to another.

It’s bad enough that these features are inconvenient. Bit the fact that they behave so differently from other apps is unconscionable.

Of minor note is the fact that the Passcode button is above the Touch ID button, leading one to set up a Passcode first. But when you set up a Touch ID, you are forced to set up a Passcode all over again.

Improving the user experience of these options should be high on the priority list. That it’s been like this for two years is shocking.
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Implemented in 5.15.0 release


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    The security model for Quicken on IOS does not make sense given the use case for how people use the application.  It seems regularly (I suspect monthly) it seems to reset make you sign on again completely and download everything.  So you're out somewhere and quickly want to post a transaction... when his happens it can take you 5 minutes to go and retrieve a complex password (or default and use a simple one which is what this process logic encourages) and then wait for a download possibly in a fine coverage area for cellular access.  The app should use the IOS security and let me use touchid for access and not force a complete reset on a regular basis which usually occurs at the most inopportune time for a mobile app.  this is a mobil app and it should be very responsive for quick transactions.  It's a great idea because it helps me keep my records up to date, but very annoying to use the way it behaves.  At least give the user to opportunity to avoid the full reset if they want to.
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    Hello Jim,

    Thank you for sharing your idea with us.

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