Bills and Income Calendars

Bills and Income needs to have the option to have multiple calendar account views (Add View) with the option to select specific accounts to track. It needs to be able to show bills, income and transfers with the daily account balance in the calendar. There needs to be a search option for locating a specific bill, income or transfer in the calendar quickly. 
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This feature has been implemented with the ability to combine the Bill, Income and Transfer views. (Edit > Preferences > Navigation > Combine Bills, Income & Transfers)


  • mshiggins
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    Ronald, thanks for the great suggestions!

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  • Ronald Burton
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    Thanks.  I saw a reference to a Bills Calendar coming next in Release 5.15 notes. Is this is the calendar I and others are waiting for?
  • Unknown
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled No calendar view that shows Bills, Income & Transfer - Windows R3.12.

    Bring back the old calendar that shows both "bills" and "incomes & transfers" in one view.

    The R3.12 calendar view in Bills & Reminders only shows "incomes, transfers".

    Using the "Combine Bills, Income & Transfer" setting provides "Biller Name", "Due Date", & "Stack View" options.  There is no calendar view.

    Quicken must provide a consolidated "Calendar View" of all bills, transfers, & incomes.

    I now have to use a spreadsheet to provide a consolidated view of financial activity for a month.
  • Christopher R. Melton-Bauman
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Bills, Incomes, & Mobile Budgets.

    I have Deluxe 2018; I have a huge issue with the change to the Bills & Income section...give us back the option to combine (which you did in the latest update); however, give us the option to use the calendar!!  Bring back the calendar!

    Also, when will the Budgets be allowed on the mobile app again?

    Thank you!
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