Customize template for emailed invoices in Quicken HB&R

Using 2018 Business & Rental.  I email approx 100 invoices each month and would like to be able to customize the email "cover letter" that's sent with each of the attached invoices.  This would save me about a 90 seconds per invoice (it adds up quickly with 100+ clients).

Quicken Premium customer service said that "the engineers are working on it." Just wondering if anyone has heard if there's a fix yet?
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  • SteveMcSteveMc Member
    edited November 2018

    This is much needed.  The current email looks very unprofessional. 
  • HShapHShap Member
    It really is needed if sending invoices through Quicken is to be used.  Any word on whether this is something in the works?
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