Tag Security Deposit Transactions Automatically with Building/Apt# [edited]

On Rental Property Manager, I use the "Add/Edit Tenant" to keep track of how much security deposit I have collected. It automatically creates a liability line item in *Security Deposit Account. BUT it does not tag it with the building and apartment number. 

When we enter Rents, Quicken Automatically tags the building and Apt Number. For reporting & Tax purposes, tagging the security deposit liability automatically with this same Building & Apt Number would be very beneficial and time saving. I could just run a report off of this account to figure out my security deposit balance for a building - or if you are keeping track of security deposits for a couple different LLCs in 1 quicken file (property management company for example would do this), you can run the report quickly on certain buildings to figure out your security deposit balances for end of year reporting.

It seems like something that was supposed to happen, because the liabilities account, by default, displays the tag column. But they get entered with no tag.

This is in the PC version - older versions that I used and in my 2017 version.
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