Manually Downloaded Brokerage Transaction are never removed from Last Downloaded Filter

For whatever reason, I have never been able to attach my Wells Fargo IRA to Quicken to auto-download.  So every so often I go in and download the QFX file from Wells Fargo to import into Quicken to update my IRA account.

I have numerous OTHER accounts that do auto-download which I see the results of using the Filter for Last Downloaded in the All Transactions section.

The issue is, the manually imported IRA transactions NEVER leave that filter until I manually import data from my IRA the next time.  This may be weeks or sometimes months until I import.  So while my daily auto-updates may one have a handful of transactions showing up in Last Downloaded, I may have 30-40 transactions from my manually imported IRA account in there always.

Is there any way to hide a single account from All Transactions?  (I only see a way to hide entire groups, like Cash accounts, credit cards, etc...)  Or even better, a way to get my Wells Fargo IRA to auto-update.  I have not been able to find a way to connect it like the other 6 wells fargo accounts I have.


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    Yes there is a way to hide a single account, but it's a pain... in the Accounts filter at the top, you can checkmark an account to show only that account. If you then checkmark another, you will be showing only those two accounts. So you could go through and checkmark each account except the one you want hidden.

    Here's a suggested alternative workflow:

    1) Make sure the Status column is showing (menu View > Columns) as indicated by a black dot as its header

    2) Each newly downloaded or imported transaction will show a blue dot in that column

    3) As you review them, click the blue dot and Reviewed. The blue dot will disappear. 

    4) You can use the Not Reviewed filter instead of the Last Downloaded filter to see only those transactions.

    5) You can mark a batch of transactions as reviewed all at once by selecting them, then right-click on one of them and Set Status of Selected Transactions to Reviewed.

    This will let you "get rid of" manually imported transactions right away.
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    Thank you so much RickO, I'll give that a try!
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