Correct column labelling in reports - 'Description' column actually is 'Payee' (4 Legacy Votes)

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It's not a 'problem' but, if we're going to be consistent, the register labels the field 'Payee'. The reports label the column (which displays the 'Payee' field) 'Description'.
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  • mshiggins
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    From C. D. Bales:

    " ... the register labels the field 'Payee'. The reports label the column (which displays the 'Payee' field) 'Description'."

    "The reports" handle "payees" from all account types - including investment accounts. There is no "Payee" column in investment accounts, but there is a "Description" column ... where "payees" are displayed (when applicable).

    And, if one were being anal, the "Payee" column in non-investment accounts also includes the names of "Payors" (when applicable) as well as "Payees".

    The "Description" heading covers all possibilities (including non-payees and non-payors).

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  • Unknown
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    As Tyka kindly clarified, the (arbitrarily named) 'Description' column of the reports either displays the 'Payee' field or the 'Security' field (depending on the account type). My point is that I would rather they have used 'Payee/Security' as the label rather than some
    arbitrary label (which does not even map to the 'Description'
    field that does exist in investment accounts).

    I'm not simply choosing some random labels 'Payors' vs 'Payees' vs 'Description'. I am trying to point out that, when you view accounts in their register, the fields are labeled. Why not use the same labels throughout!

    I find it amusing how you readily condescend whilst you quickly admonish others in this community for what you perceive as their offense.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    I agree that "Payee/Security" would be a better heading for this column.
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