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Splits By Percentage/Calculated Taxes Idea [updated title] (1 Merged Vote)

Please PLEASE add the following feature:  Transaction Splits by PERCENTAGE 

It would be SO helpful to be able to assign a memorized percentage split for transactions.

Here is an example of what and why...  

I have a home business and would like to allocate expenses to multiple categories.    
Internet/Phone Bill:  50% Personal & 50% Business 
City Power/Sewer:  70% Personal & 30% Business 
Rent/Mortgage:  70% Personal & 30% Business 
Auto Expenses:  50% Personal & 50% Business 
Groceries:  90% Personal & 10% Business 
Apple Music:  75% Personal & 25% Business 
Etc, etc, etc...  

To have to manually enter currency amounts seems undue, especially since so many other aspects of a transaction can be memorized.    

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Do you think this is possible and could be implemented in a future (or current!) release?  

Thanks so much for your time!  
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