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Mark B
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I had been using Quicken and Quicken mobile for some time but had to switch to something else because of the lack of the ability to edit the amount of the transaction in the mobile app. For the last 2 years I used another app/program which allowed me to do so. I have since figured I would give Quicken another try as over the course of a couple years Quicken should have been able to make this change as I see some other older posts about wanting the ability to so the same. To my surprise it still is not a feature, I have purchased the subscription and am using the desktop version along with the mobile companion app. Overall the few changes to the desktop UI are nice and the desktop program seems to run well and cloud sync works quick and effective. Is there any update on when editing the amount in the mobile app would be possible? Or is that something that is not in the works and won't be possible anytime soon. Thank you.
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This was implemented Quicken Mobile v5.0.44, released July 19, 2018


  • Quicken Harold
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    Hi Mark. Appreciate your question.

    We will definitely send this up to our Development team for an option for a future release of the app, but at this time the app is not able to support this option.

    If the issue with the numbers is off with the app, it's normally pointed back to the Quicken software, unless it's caused by an accidental input in the app's Add Transaction window.

    Hope this helps.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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  • Mark B
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    Thank you for the response. Nothing is off within the app and all is working normal, it would just be a great feature to be able to edit the amount field on the mobile app. Many other apps (ExpenseIQ, HomeBudget, etc..) that I have tried always let the user edit the amount after entering the transaction. It is much more convenient than deleting the transaction and re-entering the transaction when the amount needs to be changed. All in all I am pleased with the Quicken 2018 product and would just hope to see this feature become available in the future. Thank you.
  • Unknown
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    I am able to edit transactions on my Android mobile app but any time I try to edit a transaction on my ipad, I get kicked out of the app.  This started happening at the time that the transition from Intuit appeared.  Its pretty aggravating, given it used to work in the past and it still works on my android phone.  This really needs to get resolved, as its one of the main reasons I had used quicken over the past 5 years.
  • Unknown
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    To clarify my comments when I say 'edit' I'm referring to the ability to assign the transaction to a category.  Again I can do this on the android app, but on the iOS app, every time I attempt to assign a category, it kicks me out of the app on my iPad.
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hey everyone!

    All of the fields can now be edited on the mobile app.

    I am able to change the Amount, the Category etc. on transactions listed in the mobile app.

    This was implemented Quicken Mobile v5.0.44, released July 19, 2018

    This idea will marked as implemented and closed.

    -Quicken Tyka
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