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Product Suggestion: Add Depreciation to Schedule E for Rental Property (1 Legacy Vote)

Not asking for Quicken to perform any kind of depreciation calculation.   I am suggesting that Depreciation be added to Schedule E for Rental Property. For all accounting savy users can track their depreciation cost using the depreciation category. Currently, I have to assign my depreciation expense to "Unspecified Rental Expense" category. It would be a great addition to add depreciation for Schedule E reporting. 


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    Hello All,

    This Idea seems to have fallen stagnant and due to the age of the request and lack of User Votes/Comments, it will be archived within the next 7 business days.

    If you would like to see this Idea kept alive and considered for possible future implementation in Quicken, be sure to add your vote and a comment explaining how this Idea would be beneficial for you.

    More information, including steps to vote and how to submit your own Ideas for future product features/improvements, is also available here.

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