Viewing a Quicken archived file upsets Quicken Mobile settings (2 Legacy Votes)

Mike Duncan
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I am working in the Quicken 2018 environment and use Quicken Mobile.  Everything was working fine until I wanted to look up a transaction from a past year that I had archived. When I went into the old file, I expected to see the format conversion done.  What I didn't expect was all the "help" associated with the new Quicken Id.  I went along with the process and was able to find what I was looking for.
My problem started when I came back to my current data file. The Mobile app offered me to connect to a name associated with the archived data set.  I finally was able to sort it all out, but it was an unnecessary detour.
My suggestion:  when changing to another data set, ask if you want to use a Cloud Account with it (and explain in simple terms why it matters).  It would be highly unlikely that you would want to link to Mobile when just looking up an archived transaction.
Regards, Mike Duncan
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    I second the motion.

    The Year End Copy process needs enhancements.

    It should

    • deactivate all Auto-entry Scheduled Reminders
    • archive old Mileage Tracker records (H,B&R)
    • optionally archive old transactions in A/R and A/P accounts (H,B&R)
    • optionally archive old investment transactions for securities no longer owned at cutoff date
    • remove the archive file from the Sync to Cloud processing (as Mike Duncan suggested)

    What else am I forgetting?

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