IDEA: Print Budget Feature using Current Budget Standard Report

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Since Quicken has acknowledged the issues with Print Budget feature described here:   I wanted to breakout the idea portion of that post with a new post.  I believe that Quicken Alex may have produced a ticket wrt this particular IDEA.

Quicken apparently writes a different budget report used in the "Print Budget"  feature than that used in the standard report "Current Budget".

Rather than spend more cycles on fixing these things (reported in the above thread) and perhaps taking another step to the rear, there were suggestions in past forum posts to use

a modified standard "Current Budget" report found in Quicken Standard Reports instead.

What this "Current Budget" standard report seems to be missing is the ability to filter the display columns.  That
is for example, show me only monthly budget by filtering out Actual and Difference columns.  So, add this filter capability either on the report screen in the filter header, as shown in image 1 or somewhere in the customize screen, shown on image 2.  Where ever make sense in terms of anticipated usage and UI crowding considerations...

Through existing filter selections in the customize gear (and the above column filter additions) , this Current Budget report mostly contains
the wanted organization and structure (and correct reporting) described in the link above.  Why not start
there and call a slightly modified Current Budget report from the File>Print Budget menu
selection and be done with it and avoid spending cycles on reinventing the
wheel?  See image 3.

This allows the user to have the flexibility to filter or include columns on the report and avoids Quicken from having to maintain 2 or more reports intended to achieve similar results.  I think modifying the Current Budget report is a good way forward and adds value to that report while removing a report that needs management and improvement and doesn't provide the user with much flexibility.  Also, less to break in the future...

Vote it up if you like, add your suggestions to make it better!

2018 QW HBR r6.12

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

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  • BLathem
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    Current Budget Report: Would like to see budget columns only with[out] showing Actual and difference columns.
  • BLathem
    BLathem Member
    Current Budget Report: Would like to see budget columns only WITHOUT showing Actual and difference columns.
  • Scooterlam
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    This idea [above] last year illustrates / elaborates on your feature request.   Have a look and a vote!

    Have you tried File>Print Budgets feature?  This menu item is displayed when you are in the Planning > Budgets tab.  Have a look.   Also, notice if this report handles your "Everything Else" category correctly.   In my "print budget", "everything else" shows as a negative expense and thus throws off the totals....

    Also, when you create an idea post, don't forget to vote on it!

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