Add status "P" for pending

add status "P" for pending in the register, this will allow  more accurate replication of on-line bank register. This status should automatically change to "C" when cleared. Manual enter of "P" is acceptable but auto entry with download is preferable.


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    The issue of downloading pending transactions is that they can change.  Gas Station and restaurant charges are good examples.  The initial restaurant charges are pre-tip and sometimes take awhile to finalize.  With gas charges, they will make a $1 pending charge and then a second charge for the full amount, eventually days later the $1 charge will just disappear from the financial institution's website.

    This is why financial institutions do NOT download pending transactions to Quicken, matching the replacement transactions with the original pending transaction would be a nightmare.

    If you manually enter those transactions, the clr column is blank which would be easy for the human eye to equate to pending.
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