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quicken mobile should offer fingerprint login just like the banks do on my phone.
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    I agree
  • Just Lurking
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    I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Quicken should use the standard authentication API on Android and iOS and would naturally then be able to take advantage of biometric unlock on devices which support that feature, which these days is almost every phone.

    This feature is beneficial to streamline getting into the application without needing to type a pin or password every time.
    BRETTB Member ✭✭✭
    Some ideas that I have taken and info I have found on Security.
    1. Get a Password Manager - and create a Super Hard Master Password > I use LastPass (note two step authentication can be hacked-google it) so next step helps on this. I don't have to remember any of the 700 website logons, just a hard password for password manager.
    2. I was worried if my master password could be hacked but found Yubikey with NFC (no battery charging necessary) seems to be a solution. Even if a hacker has my password and they would need my physical Yubikey (note google is now having their employees use this technology). IMPORTANT - make sure you have two or three setup with your account. Because if the Yubikey gets lost or damaged, you may not be able to get into password manager.
    3. Use a different password each site and let the password manager store it. I use to use some passwords but not with all the hacking this is not good.

    My take on Biometrics (eye, fingerprint readers). What happens if your a company that has this info gets hacked and they get your eye or fingerprint info (you only have one), so dont think this is best solution. With my solution, I could change the password and Yubikey makes it pretty safe as possible.
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    Quicken needs finger touch opening/security feature!
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