track rental property mileage

There needs to be a way to associate mileage with an expense for a rental property. If I enter a receipt from a purchase at the hardware store, there's mileage involved. It's really a shame there is not a feature in Quicken to track this. Please add this to the next release! This has been a problem for years, and it's so disappointing the issue is still not fixed. 
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  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Have you looked into the Mileage Tracker that a function of the "Business & Rental Property Manager" version of Quicken?  How does it not meet your need?
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  • D.RiddleD.Riddle Member
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    When Quicken Rental Property Manager was merged with Quicken Financial they dropped some of the best features...mileage tracking was one of them.  Now to the enter mileage you have to go to a separate area and enter a bunch of info and even then there is no way to relate the mileage back to the receipt.  It's a convoluted mess.  There should be a button somewhere in the register that allows me to add mileage from there and one also on the rent screen for when I add rent.
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