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Hint: Changing a Payee Account Number

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So this is not so much a question as an answer. :-) (But there is no such "conversation type".)

I am using 2018 Premier on the Mac. Somehow or other, I entered my account number wrong for one of my credit cards. (Unfortunate the way I found out about that. $100+ lesson. sigh.) Weird that it didn't just flow across from the Windows version.

So, anyway, I want to change the account number for that credit card payment. I've actually had that credit card for a lot of years, including across at least four account numbers due to three occasions when someone stole my number and they issued me a new number. But whatever the number, it's the same "account".

But, for whatever reason, Quicken 2018 on my Mac doesn't want to let me edit that account number. When I found it in the Payees window, the (wrong) account number was sitting there, laughing at me, and greyed out because it is not editable.

But, it seems that there is a solution. I use the Quicken Bill Pay service, and this is one of the payments I have set up to make that way. (See the unfortunate way I found out about having the wrong account number.) And on the Bill Pay web site, it lets me edit the account number for that account. And then, when I did an Update operation on my Mac, it synchronized down that updated account number, which now shows the correct number in both the online Bill Pay site *and* on my Quicken 2018 payee list.

Seems a kinda round-about way of doing something not so terribly weird.

P.S. So, I pay most bills on the due date or one day before. I know that I do this, so ignore the alerts from companies that my bill is coming due and it hasn't been paid. On this occasion, it hadn't been paid because the account number was wrong. Actually, it was paid, but the credit card issuing bank didn't know what to do with this payment to an invalid account number (one digit wrong, do the checksum would have been invalid). So the bank kicked it back to Quicken Bill Pay, which put the money back into my checking account and marked the payment as "cancelled", as though I had wanted it cancelled. Since I didn't realize this happened until two or three days after it was due, interest and fees. Got the fees waived. Going in again to try to get the interest reversed.

P.P.S. I think I'll enter an "Idea" conversation about running the standard checksum algorithm on credit card numbers when they are entered.


  • RickO
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    This works for Quicken Bill Pay payees but not for Direct Connect Bill Pay payees. But there's a workaround for the latter too. I'm going to briefly describe it here in case anyone finds this in a search...

    To change the account number on a Direct Connect Bill Pay payee:

    1. In the All Transactions view, search for the payee name using the search box.
    2. Select all the transactions then use menu File > Get Info to change the name slightly.
    3. In the Payees window, enter the new account number and info for the modified payee name.
    4. Delete the old payee name which should now show as Unused.
    5. Change the name of the modified payee name back to the original.

    BTW, I think this would also work for QBP, but I have not tested it.
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    Hi @ Ronald W. Heiby ,

    I had to change the Account Number, also. The only way to do so, was to delete the Online Payee from the Online Payee List. Perform an One Step Update, then re-create the Online Payee using the some information using the same information, with the New Account Number and it worked just fine.
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  • Jeff Stearns
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    RickO, I appreciate your helpful comments in this forum.  Unfortunately, the workaround you propose doesn't always work.  It might make things worse.

    The underlying problem is that Quicken Mac has bugs in how it manages online bill payments and payees.  There are workarounds (as you offer), but those workarounds don't overcome all the bugs.  There are deeper problems.

    I've been experimenting with your "Get-Info-and-rename" strategy, and it does make things appear better.  But deeper problems remain.

    When Quicken does a rename, it doesn't seem to thoroughly rename the payee everywhere throughout its database.  The old name may remain, invisibly linked to certain transactions.  I haven't yet found a reliable way to remove those turds.

    The end result is that the payee is both renamed and not renamed, depending on which code path Quicken follows and which tables it consults.

    Here's an example.  I have two accounts with "Cardmember Service"  I followed your strategy to rename one of them.  The details are complicated, but the end result is clear.  Quicken now believes that I have a payee named "Cardmember Service-SWA{SWA}", and that this payee has 2 transactions.  And Quicken also believes that it has 0 transactions.  Quicken believes both of these things at the same time.

    Because of this confusion, Quicken now reports that the payee "is not setup for bill payment", while simultaneously complaining that the payee is already setup for bill payment, and is in fact a duplicate.  All these things can't be true, but Quicken is apparently relying on different database tables with conflicting information.

    Once Quicken gets itself into that state, I don't know of anything that will recover.  The tech support folks just say "Delete everything and start over".  While that might be the best that they're allowed to offer, it isn't a realistic option for some Quicken customers.  Thus I recommend that Quicken users maintain a good collection of database backups.  Once you start editing payee names, you'll need those backups.
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