Print Project name on Printed/Emailed Invoices [edited]

Need ability to include project name on the invoice as well as PO#
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    This information is available by default in both Customer Invoices and Vendor Invoices for all Quicken for Windows H&B and/or RPM

    Here's a portion of the data entry form from my Q 2018 HB&R


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    Thanks for the response.  Yes, it is there in my view when creating an invoice (same as your screen shot), but I cannot find a way to make that appear on the invoice I send to my client, that is what I'm trying to get to.  Client requires for a PO# and a job number, I have to manually put the job name/number as an entry in the description with zero amount.  Thanks.
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    You're right as far as printing the Project/Job number on the paper invoice is concerned. That is not available at this time.
    I support your idea about having this item added to the Invoice Forms Designer so that it can be printed.

    The Memo field does not print on the paper invoice either and should be added.

    Until the programmers make this change in a future release of Quicken, as a workaround I recommend you continue to use a dummy line item description or use the Message to Customer field.

    The P.O. Number field is available for printing, however.
    Please review the customization of your Invoice form in the Forms Designer and make sure this item is enabled for printing.

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    As stated above there is a PO Number field available that shows up on the customer invoice. In addition I changed the bill to field to ship to (made it big enough for a complete address) and the ship to field to tracking number.  You can change it to job number. All this will show up on the customer invoice.
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    Yeah, I know about the PO number, as previously stated I need both.  Your suggestion is a good workaround--I do not use the Ship To field so renamed it and I can manually enter the project name and number in there.  Would still be nice to have the Project field available to print on the invoice so I don't have to do the manual entry on each invoice.  Thanks
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    I agree!!! Why have a "Project/Job" list and a place to put it on the invoice (screen shot) but not have the ability to print it on the invoice, without manually entering it?? That's crazy! Quicken, please fix!
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    Hi, I am wondering if this was ever fixed by Quicken? Does anyone know? I would like to have the project field on my printable invoice, because it is a pull down auto load feature instead of having to manually fill it in each time.
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    Hello All,

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    I still think of this suggestion as a good idea.
    Why have data entry fields that cannot be printed?
    Please update the Invoice Forms Designer to make Project/Job number and Memo printable on Customer and Vendor Invoices.
  • psc1125
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    Ugh! Yes please! Mine is always the same customer; but always a different project/job! And I don't physically print -- I print a pdf and submit. But this will never print the project for their reference.
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    Seems it should be a simple upgrade to add "Project" on customer invoice. Anyone listening?