Provide yield from investments information in a report or portfolio view column.

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Please provide a way to report or view the calculated yield from an investment i.e. the (dividends or interest)/cost basis regardless of cash flow or current market price.  Many retirees are tracking income and income yield from investments.  By the way, the Investment Performance report does not provide the info needed.  The current yield on investment column in the portfolio view is essentially not calculated because it requires data to be entered manually.

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    I am curious as to why you would like to use the cost basis as the denominator in this calculation. If the share price has changed a lot since you purchased a security, this will give a distorted measure of the yield. It's like the difference between the coupon and the yield to maturity for a bond.

    Usually the current yield (estimated income per share / current share price) is more useful. That is what is shown in the Portfolio views as Yield on investment (%), despite information to the contrary in the Help.

    The "Yield on investment (estimated)" column appears to be calculated as (estimated income per share * shares held) / amount invested, but I can't figure out what "amount invested" is. It's not the cost basis.

    I agree it is a pain that you have to type in the Estimated income for each security, even for securities where that value is provided in the Security details. The quote feed has that amount for many fewer securities than it did a couple of years ago.

    Perhaps, as has been suggested elsewhere, Quicken could fix the quote feed so it includes the dividend data for more securities, and provide the option of using the quote data or a user-supplied value, similar to what it does for asset allocation.
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    I recently learned of the "Dividend Yield" column and that satisfies the information I seek.

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