Quicken 2018 lock up when clicking Bill & Income

Quicken 2018 Premier R7.5 Build running on Win10 x64 Professional. Quicken 32-bit was installed even though I have a 64-bit OS.  Win10 is fully patched and updated.

Issue:  Clicking Bill & Income tab locks application.  Solution is to forcibly shut down the Process using task manager.  Clicking any other tab works. The Bills & Income tab is new and very poorly written and featured compared to previous Quicken is owned (2015 Deluxe).

Workaround:  Tools - Manage Bill & Income Reminders or similar previous dialog that allowed access to edit and send Bills. Bills were successfully added to the register and were sent successfully. 

Background:  Running same version of Quicken on laptop with Win7 x64 did not show this problem. I tried uninstalling and re-installing Quicken but issue remains.

My laptop crashed so I recently installed Quicken 2018 Premier on a Windows 10 desktop PC from same download file that was used for installation on the laptop. This is my first attempt to use Bill pay in Quicken on my Win10 x64 desktop PC.

New Bill & Income (when used from Win7 laptop) was poor and was not nearly as good as previous versions but at least it worked. This current issue on Win10 is completely unacceptable.



  • miklkmiklk SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
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    Since it is happening on 1 system and not the other, I would suggest a good clean install using QCleanUI procedure


    If you don't want to go through that you may want to try applying the mondo patch even though same version:

    PS: There is several problems going on currently in Bills and Income Tab (other than crashing). Hopefully the next update will address those problems they have acknowledged.
  • Steve JonesSteve Jones Member
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    Did that with no success including the mind patch. I also ran Super Validate File and there were no errors. Yes I know the secret keys to enter 'super mode.

    On a hunch I created a new file and imported a saved QF file export. It managed to bring in all accounts and the register but none of the online payees or bill minders. The Bills & Income tab did not crash the system for that file. That's a hack for a poor implementation of source code on their part.

    Worst case workaround appears to be continue with this new file recreating the payees.

    Agreed that the new B&I page is very bad. I've listed issues in another post and in a support ticket that was closed with zero resolution attempt on Quickens side and I'm a Premier version customer.
  • Steve JonesSteve Jones Member
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    New updates this year fixed the problem for me. I can use Bill & Income tab with no lock up. This is on my original installation of the software not on the PC where I installed Quicken and re-created the register. That is in reference to my earlier comments where creating a new register and re-creating all accounts seemed to fix the crash.  That solution was not optimal for me so I continued to use my original installation of Quicken 2018 and made sure to never click the Bill pay tab.

    The Bill pay system is still inferior to their previous implementation but it is what it is and I can pay bills with no issues IF and only IF I carefully watch the date. The software still increments the pay date after initiating a pay forward in months until it hits a week day.  This was not there previously.  Much of the time I have to change the pay date manually if it incremented ahead. Bottom line this software has gone downhill seriously over the recent years, much likely after the company buyout. My subscription is coming up in a few months so we'll see if the hassles out way my patience with this software.
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