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Quicken Inc should eliminate or minimize the LARGE popup with expiration (119 Legacy Votes)



  • david_spradlindavid_spradlin Member ✭✭
    Have the same issues as everyone else and now have a annoying 0 byte file "_SyncLog.dat" appearing on my desktop everytime I open Quicken! :(
  • CoopergirlCoopergirl Member
    I've used Quicken for years and years and I am so sorry I bought a new Quicken program last year. Now I have a banner at the top and a big side bar on my screen. It makes it difficult to reconcile my banking while using a split screen. I do not download transactions but enter them manually and have done so for years.

    Before I pay another $50 and I will NEVER buy another Quicken Product, I will add another screen to my computer. I am so upset by this high pressure tactic to buy a new Quicken program. I'm retired and I don't need or want another program.

    I would no longer recommend this product to anyone.
  • tvman8816tvman8816 Member
    I'm with everybody else. I've used Quicken for about 12 years and this is it for me!!!!!!!!!!
  • bmansdadbmansdad Member
    This is a joke. Mac 2020 user here and just starting getting this banner. I will be going back to iBank if this is not resolved.
  • skydivetomskydivetom Member
    My subscription ends within a week... for past week or so, I also get the (annoying) "_SyncLog.dat" automatically saved to my desktop when I open Quicken. Does anyone know whether or not this is due to the upcoming renewal? Will it go away once the subscription is renewed?


    Just like other posting, I've been using Quicken for 20+ years. I don't care for the new annual renewal method. A few months ago, I checked out software "Money" (I believe) but -- from what I remember -- its capabilities didn't even come close to that of Quicken. As I do NOT want to pay my bills online, has anyone else checked out a different software? If so, what's the name of the software and was it a positive experience?
  • skeleton567skeleton567 Member ✭✭✭
    > @[email protected] said:
    > The company line is that all the advertising done is in the interest of the user, however, I feel this is simply a high pressure sales tactic. The software has not improved in the way I use it as a standalone check on the financial institutions that I deal with.I have voted with my wallet, in that I have evaluated several alternatives and selected one that offers the same functionality that I need with out the need for constant internet connectivity that the expired version now needs. Converting was very seamless, only needing to input the recurring transactions.I now only need to put up with Quicken for archival purposes.
    John, please, for all of us, tell us about your quest for an alternative, what you chose to use, and some of your reasoning for your choice. I'm with you on doing the switch, and very interested.

    I do not, however, want to use any cloud-storage options, as I will never expose my financial data to that.

    I think at the moment I'm going to get the last non-subscription version just to be safe. I'm hedging my bets on my 34 years of data.

    Also, are there any front-end developers out there interested in developing an alternative with the same features? I could contribute database design and can develop SQL code for accessing and updating. I'm 77 years old, but can still do some decent work. MSFT has a very good FREE SQL Server version we could use.
  • :( Quicken Premier 2020 Mac - I didn't renew subscription because I don't download anything from anywhere. If I try to use Quicken manually keep getting pop-up to renew. This is very annoying, is there anything that can be done.
  • douglasnoadesdouglasnoades Member ✭✭
    I am using Quicken 2019 Deluxe software.
    I do not use any of Quicken's on line services, never had.
    How can I get rid of the " account expirered " ribbon that is posted on my account page and blocking my view
  • John_in_NCJohn_in_NC SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    This likely isn't the answer you wish to read, so please don't shoot the messenger. You either 1) get a new subscription, or 2) live with that banner.

    Even if you don't utilize any of the online services, the only way to get rid of the banner is to have an active subscription.
  • volvogirlvolvogirl SuperUser ✭✭✭✭

    See this page for ongoing access to your data if you do not renew the subscription.  You can still enter new transactions manually, except for the Starter Edition which becomes read only and is limited.  And about 25% of your screen will be taken up with a reminder to renew.


    See this thread, Expiration-Vote, voting is done on the first page at the bottom of the original post (look for blue box).

    Quicken Subscription Membership questions


    Quicken Discontinuation Policy


  • mathersjdmathersjd Member
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  • cucaracha11cucaracha11 Member
    I have been a quicken user since June 8, 1990 (the date of my 1st transaction) buying the new ver almost every year. I hate you people with all my heart. For you to screw me like this is unconscionable.
  • MrChaChingMrChaChing Member
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  • BillBill Member ✭✭
    Well, I WAS going to get my first subscription to try it out but now that I know this advertising banner will persist if I don't upgrade in the future, the decision to stay with 2017 is an easy one!
  • rm0114rm0114 Member
    edited March 23
    I use Quicken Deluxe 2019 on a Manual Basis only. I do not use any of the online features. I am now on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay $49.99 each year to manage my checkbook. (Removed-Rant/Disruptive)
  • smayer97smayer97 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you do not use any online features, you do not need to pay any subscription fee, though the 25% of the screen for Quicken ads is a great deterrent.

    That said, if you do need to buy a membership, consider waiting for some of the 40% off promotions from Quicken or look at third party vendors for often discounted prices.
  • rtgregory05rtgregory05 Member
    I have been using Quicken since version 2000. This one time I have decided to consider not renewing my version 2020, I lose 25% of my working screen?
    I paid for the software that I have on my laptop. I understand placing the 25% renewal/reminder banner on systems that have never purchased the software. If you are unable to determine the difference between freeware (trial) and licensed software, that should not be my problem.
    It appears that I will be searching elsewhere for my personal financial tracking application.
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