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  • Have the same issues as everyone else and now have a annoying 0 byte file "_SyncLog.dat" appearing on my desktop everytime I open Quicken! :(
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    I'm with everybody else. I've used Quicken for about 12 years and this is it for me!!!!!!!!!!
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    [Redacted]  Mac 2020 user here and just starting getting this banner. I will be going back to [removed - solicitation] if this is not resolved.
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    My subscription ends within a week... for past week or so, I also get the (annoying) "_SyncLog.dat" automatically saved to my desktop when I open Quicken. Does anyone know whether or not this is due to the upcoming renewal? Will it go away once the subscription is renewed?


    Just like other posting, I've been using Quicken for 20+ years. I don't care for the new annual renewal method. A few months ago, I checked out software "[removed -solicitation]" (I believe) but -- from what I remember -- its capabilities didn't even come close to that of Quicken. As I do NOT want to pay my bills online, has anyone else checked out a different software? If so, what's the name of the software and was it a positive experience?
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    :( Quicken Premier 2020 Mac - I didn't renew subscription because I don't download anything from anywhere. If I try to use Quicken manually keep getting pop-up to renew. This is very annoying, is there anything that can be done.
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    I am using Quicken 2019 Deluxe software.
    I do not use any of Quicken's on line services, never had.
    How can I get rid of the " account expirered " ribbon that is posted on my account page and blocking my view
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    This likely isn't the answer you wish to read, so please don't shoot the messenger. You either 1) get a new subscription, or 2) live with that banner.

    Even if you don't utilize any of the online services, the only way to get rid of the banner is to have an active subscription.
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    See this page for ongoing access to your data if you do not renew the subscription.  You can still enter new transactions manually, except for the Starter Edition which becomes read only and is limited.  And about 25% of your screen will be taken up with a reminder to renew.


    See this thread, Expiration-Vote, voting is done on the first page at the bottom of the original post (look for blue box).

    Quicken Subscription Membership questions


    Quicken Discontinuation Policy


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    (Removed-No Soliciting)
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    I have been a quicken user since June 8, 1990 (the date of my 1st transaction) buying the new ver almost every year. I hate you people with all my heart. For you to screw me like this is unconscionable.
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    I use Quicken Deluxe 2019 on a Manual Basis only. I do not use any of the online features. I am now on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay $49.99 each year to manage my checkbook. (Removed-Rant/Disruptive)
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    If you do not use any online features, you do not need to pay any subscription fee, though the 25% of the screen for Quicken ads is a great deterrent.

    That said, if you do need to buy a membership, consider waiting for some of the 40% off promotions from Quicken or look at third party vendors for often discounted prices.
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    Object to Quicken's business model, using up 25% of your screen? Add your vote here:
    Quicken should eliminate the LARGE Ad space when a subscription expires

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    I have been using Quicken since version 2000. This one time I have decided to consider not renewing my version 2020, I lose 25% of my working screen?
    I paid for the software that I have on my laptop. I understand placing the 25% renewal/reminder banner on systems that have never purchased the software. If you are unable to determine the difference between freeware (trial) and licensed software, that should not be my problem.
    It appears that I will be searching elsewhere for my personal financial tracking application.
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    Any updates? Having those huge ads and a pop up to sign in to renew every couple of minutes is incredibly ANNOYING!! I DON'T need online services and I didn't buy an expensive software just to have half my screen taken by your ads.

    Quicken come on! Show us your leadership knows better than these "cheap sales techniques"
  • jacobs
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    @LuM007  The only "update" is in the blue box on the first page of this thread, where the moderators have marked this topic as "Not Planned" -- meaning Quicken management has officially said they do not plan to remove the pop-up ad, irrespective of the users here who have asked/voted/yelled for them to make a change to make it less intrusive. I would not expect any response from Quicken, here or in the program, unless their marking folks determine this is actually driving away more customers than it is bringing in.
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    Having the membership has expired messages on the screen guarantees that I'll never buy this product again and I've been a Quicken user since 1990. I find it hard to believe that management would be unwilling to remove the "reminders".
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    I see there have been several discussions about the horribly obtrusive update notices. I do not use the online features, and have no desire to continue this service. Yet Quicken is making the product I purchased virtually unusable with constant update notices, a banner across the top of the screen, and a side bar that takes up 25% of the window. There is no way to delete these.

    Quicken responds that this was "agreed on", and closes the discussion. I have been a user for many years, yet am now considering migrating to a competing product. Where is the sense in this?
  • jacobs
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    I can't justify Quicken's reasoning; I can only offer some explanation.

    When Quicken planned to move from its previous subscription-like model (annual software releases in which online services expired after three years) to a real subscription model back in 2017, they originally planned to make expired subscriptions only have read-only access to data files. There was a lot of outcry f rom users, so Quicken relented to allowing users to continue to use their data files for manual data entry; their tradeoff was that they'd take part of the screen to remind users of new features and benefits of renewing their subscription. No one knew what this would look like at the time; it was only after they implemented it did we see how much space they would take, and that the space grab was constant rather than periodic reminders. This is what they refer to as the "agreed on" compromise (although, of course, only Quicken agreed on it).

    You ask what the sense is in such an approach. The answer is likely that people who are not subscribers -- generating revenue for them -- are not important to them. They want all Quicken users to subscribe, because the annual payments pay for technical support, online connectivity to financial institutions, fixing bugs, and adding additional features. Even many users who don't care about online downloads likely care about bug fixes or program enhancements. For those users who don't care about any of that, they decided to let you continue to use the software to update your data, but with a persistent message trying to encourage/annoy you into being a current customer. They clearly believe that this strategy generates more money for them in renewals than it costs them in lost customers; for people who don't renew and are just annoyed, I suppose they don't care because they are no longer paying customers. 

    For most people, it will come down to a choice of deciding if Quicken is worth about one dollar a week for what it does for you, or not. If you don't want to pay for Quicken, and you can find some alternative that meets your needs for less money, then you move on. If you decide Quicken has the best features for your needs, they want to drive you to remain a paying customer by encouraging/annoying you into subscribing.
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    Quicken should eliminate the LARGE expiration banner and side panel when a subscription expires. I have been a long time Quicken user and the banner and side panel are a ludicrous attempt to get me to renew when I am happy with the current version even though some features are disabled. Give me back the space.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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  • The banner and right side column with the renew / buy more quicken advertising does not dismiss or minimize. it is getting in the way of doing the work because it takes so much screen space. How to get this to go away.

    I don't want to renew my quicken support until the quality of the product improves, especially the transaction downloads.
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