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Integration with MileIq

I see that the current version has mileage tracking capabilities.

There are a number of automatic mileage trackers out there.
Could you integrate with the leaders like MileIq so we do not have to enter it again.
A direct API load similar to updating a bank account would be great.

If not at least a manual import capability to bring in these trips from the great vendors.
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  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
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    MileIQ would have to agree to be a Q provider before anything like this could happen.

    BUT, a review of MileIQ's website indicates that they provide online reports.  SO, how about using the info from those reports (categorized as you select in MileIQ) and enter the monthly summary into Q's Mileage Tracker ... instead of all of the detail info?

    That's what I do with my medical mileage.  I record it in the dearly departed "Quicken Medical Expense Manager" and then just input the summary into Q's Mileage Tracker.
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    I believe the masses would still prefer Brian Wolff's idea much better. 

    However, maybe if Quicken can accept csv uploads (a national, if not worldly, popular format), which MileIQ Reports can be exported as.
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Idea: Importing Capability for Business Tools / Mileage Tracker.

    Quicken (specifically Home & Business) uses CSV files to import particular data. MileIQ, a very popular and recognized mileage tracker app, can export reports in CSV files. I drive practically every day for business racking up drives and miles, and MileIQ is essential and easy to use with its business/personal category swiping. Wouldn't it be great to just import MileIQ's CSV reports into Quicken's Mileage Tracker and populate an entire month or year within seconds?

    Please consider putting this idea in the front line. Thank you.
  • ChrisChris Member ✭✭
    yes, please. I believe this would avoid requiring MileIQ to agree to allow Quicken to use the data (although that would be MUCH better).

    allowing a simple CSV import of mileage into Quicken would save so much time, and allow me to keep everything in one place.

    I actually use hurdlr, and they export in excel format, so please allow both as an import type.

    without import, there is no reasonable way to get this data into Quicken, considering how much time it will take to enter one entry at a time.
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